Should I Hire In-Home Care for Post-Surgery?

Caregiver in Claremont CA: Post Surgery Senior Care

Caregiver in Claremont CA: Elderly adults that have surgery are often looking at many weeks and months of recovery. Because they are often slower to heal and are dealing with other chronic illnesses and conditions, they may not be able to live independently as they once did.

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Brain Exercises: Can Mystery Shows Help?

Homecare in San Francisco CA: Brain Exercises

Homecare in San Francisco CA: Studies show that exercising your brain can help with memory retention. Paired with a diet that helps brain cells stay healthy, brain exercises and physical activity are great ways to keep your parent in good health.

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Help! My Aging Parent Won’t Bathe

Home Care Services in Orinda CA: Senior Bathing Difficulties

Home Care Services in Orinda CA: One common frustration with many family caregivers is having to fight with their elderly relative about regular bathing. There are plenty of reasons why some aging adults refuse to bathe or shower regularly.

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