What Does it Look Like When You’re Exhausted as a Caregiver?

Exhaustion as a caregiver might have some small differences from one person to another, but there are some common factors you need to be on the lookout for in your daily life.

Home Care Services in San Francisco CA: Caregiver Exhaustion

Home Care Services in San Francisco CA: Caregiver Exhaustion

You’re More Emotional in General

Exhaustion takes a lot out of you in so many ways. In terms of your emotional health, you don’t have the same checks and balances in place as you normally might. You can be far more emotional than usual, which might mean tears when you don’t normally cry or even just mood swings that take you and others by surprise.

You’re Beyond Tired

When you’re exhausted, you’re definitely tired. But it’s more than that, too. When you’re that tired, even a good night’s sleep doesn’t seem to make a dent in how you’re feeling. You might feel as if you never got any sleep at all, much less enough to help you feel rested.

You Might Be Arguing with Others

You might consider angry reactions a part of being more emotional, but it’s a little more than that. You might not be angry at your aging adult, but you might find yourself reacting angrily to strangers, for instance. Road rage might be more common for you. Or you might find yourself picking fights with people that you love.

Your Eating Habits Suffer

Exhaustion is not the best frame of mind in which to make decisions about your own health, of course. You might find that you’re hardly eating at all or that you’re eating foods that are terrible for you. There’s so much other stuff going on that food might be literally the last thing that you’re thinking about. This makes exhaustion worse because now your body is run down and it has no fuel.

You Can’t Remember as Well

Being exhausted can also mean that you’re having a tough time remembering even regular details that usually are right there on the tip of your brain. You might find that you need reminders about reminders and that’s a dangerous spot in which to be. So much can fall through the cracks and you’re constantly forgetting things.

When you’re a caregiver, exhaustion may be a common occurrence. The sooner you can recognize what is going on the sooner you can put some solutions in place. It’s not your lot as a caregiver to live in constant exhaustion. You have to spot it, deal with it, and move on from it.

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Evan Loevner, CEO

As a former hospital administrator, I launched Aviva with the goal of having a more focused, direct impact on the delivery of care than I could ever accomplish within a hospital setting. For me, the joy of running an organization like Aviva In-Home Care is having the ability to positively improve the lives of individuals needing customized care. As a passionate San Francisco resident, I know that many local seniors can benefit from new approaches to in-home care, that will bring them more connection to the community, and provide families with a greater sense of comfort that their loved one is indeed matched with an ideal caregiver. This starts by including the family throughout the care planning process, a key component of the concept of “family-centered care,” which has been adopted by top medical centers. A strong communication loop between family, the caregiver, Aviva management, and community healthcare practitioners is essential for ensuring that all the needs of the client are met. While this may not sound like a novel concept, it is not commonly practiced within the home care community.

At Aviva, we also use the latest in health technology to maximize opportunities for communication between all members of our client’s care circles. We utilize nursing oversight to ensure that we are in compliance with physician orders, and that our careplans are being properly administered. Lastly, Aviva is a proud member of The Senior’s Choice, a national network of leading home care agencies that share best practices and focus on continual improvement.

As owner of the business, I also promise to you my direct involvement in your loved ones care, and will always make myself available for feedback and improvements in our service. I look forward to working with you and your loved one on creating a care plan that is perfectly suited to the family's needs. Thank you for considering Aviva as your care partner.