Why Is Your Aging Adult with Dementia Suddenly Displaying Aggressive Behavior?

Aggressive behaviors from your elderly family member, whether they’re physical aggression or verbal, can be stunning for you as her caregiver.  Unfortunately, this can be common in seniors suffering from dementia.

Is there really a way for you to be able to figure out what is causing this reaction from your aging adult?


Home Health Care in Rockridge CA: Dementia And Aggressive Behaviors

Home Health Care in Rockridge CA: Dementia And Aggressive Behaviors


-Physical Factors-

Being tired, hungry, thirsty, or needing to use the bathroom can be difficult for your aging adult to manage when she can’t get what she needs.  Side effects from medication can also cause trouble for your elderly family member that she’s not able to communicate to you.


Pain is difficult enough to manage with all cognitive functions in order, but for someone with dementia, pain can be excruciating.  If your aging family member can’t tell you that she’s hurting and can’t get relief from her pain, she may lash out in aggressive ways instead.


Too much can definitely be too much for your elderly family member.  If the environment is too loud or there are too many people vying for your aging adult’s attention, she may become aggressive.  Keep in mind that overstimulation can occur for other reasons, too.  If her home is too cluttered or dirty, for instance, that can be overstimulating for her.


Feeling confused, lost, and alone can be incredibly frightening for your senior.  She may respond to that fear by reacting aggressively.  If your elderly family member has trouble following instructions and conversations at specific times of day, watch for issues during those times.  Perhaps schedule quieter activities that don’t require as much from her at those times or use those as rest periods.

-Inability to Communicate-

Having difficulty communicating, especially for seniors who have always been able to communicate well, can be infuriating.  Pay close attention to nonverbal cues from your elderly family member, since those can sometimes be one of the best ways for her to communicate with you.  Also, don’t forget to watch how you’re communicating with her, because it can be easy for misunderstandings to crop up.
Remember to take frequent breaks if your elderly family member is consistently being aggressive with you.  Hiring senior care providers can give you the space that you need in order to remain committed to caregiving.

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