Are Rabbits Good Pets for Seniors?

Hooray! International Rabbit Day is coming up! You might be wondering just what that could possibly have to do with being a family caregiver to an older adult. Well, if you’ve been considering whether a pet might make your aging relative happier, you just might want to think about getting them a rabbit. Studies have shown that having a pet can improve health by lowering blood pressure, reducing loneliness, and increasing physical activity. Rabbits have the benefits and many more.


Homecare in Pacifica CA: International Rabbit Day

Homecare in Pacifica CA: International Rabbit Day


Below are some good reasons for choosing a rabbit as a pet for your aging relative.

-Rabbits Are Good Therapy

Just like dogs and cats, rabbits are also used for animal therapy. They have been successfully used to calm people with Alzheimer’s disease. Their twitchy noses and soft fur put a smile on the faces of older adults who might be otherwise unresponsive to things going on around them.


-Rabbits are Small

Though rabbits come in many sizes, you can get some that are quite tiny, making them perfect for lap-pets. Small rabbits are light, so they won’t place too much pressure on frail legs and fragile skin. They also don’t take up much room, so they make good pets for older adults who have downsized to smaller homes.


-Rabbits are Quiet

If your aging relative doesn’t like a lot of noise or lives in a community where a barking dog might be a nuisance, a rabbit makes a good choice because they don’t make any noise. And, since they are quiet, they won’t interrupt the sleep of older adults who are light sleepers.


-Rabbits Bond with People Just Like Other Pets

Rabbits form relationships with humans just as other pets do. This means that rabbits react to their owners, come when called, follow them around the house, and even follow commands.


-Rabbits Can Be Litter Trained

Just like a cat, a rabbit can be trained to use a litterbox. Therefore, your aging relative won’t need to take the rabbit outside like they would a dog, making them a good choice for a senior with limited mobility.


-Rabbits Aren’t Difficult to Care For

Rabbits are a fairly easy pet to care for, which is good news for family caregivers. Having a rabbit in the home won’t create a lot of extra work for caregivers. They simply need daily feeding and fresh water, someone to clean their litter occasionally, an occasional brushing, and plenty of love.


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