Selling Your Senior’s Home


Nancy Meyer - Tara Donohue

Nancy Meyer – Tara Donohue

Interview with Nancy Meyer, Zephyr Real Estate


1. What Service Do You Provide?

-My business partner Tara and I work with seniors and their loved-ones to help with all the items involved in selling their homes.  Often our clients have a feeling that they want to sell but don’t know where to go.  We help direct them and pull in the necessary resources for the sale.

Sometimes it’s the case that they are better served staying in their homes. In that case, we assist with any needed home modifications, home maintenance, and home care arrangements.  If the client wants to proceed with a sale, we understand that it is often a longer process than with most other home sales.

With our clients there are inherently more things to liquidate, there is frequently more indecision involved, and so on.  Sometimes the entire process takes 1 year or more from the first point of contact. With many of our transactions, we involve fiduciaries, conservators, estate planners, and out-of-state family members – there are many moving parts!

2. How Are We Different?

-We don’t expect to sell a home in the short term.  Tara and I understand the challenges faced by seniors and their cohort.  It’s a matter of patience with sales like these.  We are well-networked into the senior community, so we are ideally positioned to refer to other professionals to help as needed – geriatricians, senior community placement professionals, home care agencies, home organization professionals, and so forth.  There is a lot of emotion attached to the home sale.  Our clients need to be treated sensitively and with honor.  Who buys their home is a very important criterion as well!  We also know the San Francisco market inside and out.

For example, if a client wishes to downsize and move into an apartment building within the city, we know which ones have elevators and are super accessible. Seems like a nuance, but it’s important!


3. Who Most Needs our Services?

-Any senior residing in San Francisco or the North Peninsula who has reached the point where they need to decide about their home.


4. Who Do We Work With?

-The entire community of professionals focused on products and services, as well as the seniors’ loved ones.  Zephyr is a very community-based organization.  The firm believes that it is important to give back and stay connected with community-minded programs like Project Open Hand, and AIDS/LifeCycle
(to name a couple).  We are the only team in San Francisco completely committed to doing this!


5. How Can You Reach Us?

-I can be reached either through email at or by phone at : (415)-695-7707



Aviva In-Home Care –  Call today: (415) 795-2203

Evan Loevner, CEO

As a former hospital administrator, I launched Aviva with the goal of having a more focused, direct impact on the delivery of care than I could ever accomplish within a hospital setting. For me, the joy of running an organization like Aviva In-Home Care is having the ability to positively improve the lives of individuals needing customized care. As a passionate San Francisco resident, I know that many local seniors can benefit from new approaches to in-home care, that will bring them more connection to the community, and provide families with a greater sense of comfort that their loved one is indeed matched with an ideal caregiver. This starts by including the family throughout the care planning process, a key component of the concept of “family-centered care,” which has been adopted by top medical centers. A strong communication loop between family, the caregiver, Aviva management, and community healthcare practitioners is essential for ensuring that all the needs of the client are met. While this may not sound like a novel concept, it is not commonly practiced within the home care community.

At Aviva, we also use the latest in health technology to maximize opportunities for communication between all members of our client’s care circles. We utilize nursing oversight to ensure that we are in compliance with physician orders, and that our careplans are being properly administered. Lastly, Aviva is a proud member of The Senior’s Choice, a national network of leading home care agencies that share best practices and focus on continual improvement.

As owner of the business, I also promise to you my direct involvement in your loved ones care, and will always make myself available for feedback and improvements in our service. I look forward to working with you and your loved one on creating a care plan that is perfectly suited to the family's needs. Thank you for considering Aviva as your care partner.